Meet Mariángel

Mariángel Martí is an experienced business and marketing professional—exactly what you need when buying or selling a home. With a bachelor’s and master’s degree in business administration with an emphasis on marketing and international business, Mariángel has served in marketing positions for major companies, including Kraft Foods, Unilever and Phillip Morris. She has put her marketing know-how to work since her entry into the real estate business in 2006.


Marketing Experience

When looking for an agent to represent your best interests, it’s important to find someone with the expertise and knowledge to get the biggest bang for your buck. Mariángel is skilled at developing and executing effective marketing plans and her sales and negotiation skills will help to ensure you get the most out of your sale or secure the best buy on your new home. She also has well-established alliances with local banks that will ease or facilitate the process for buyers financing newly-purchased property.


Personal Background

Mariángel has lived and worked in Dorado since 2005 and resides in the Sabanera Dorado neighborhood—where she does most of her business. Her children attend TASIS, a school within the Sabanera Dorado community. Her husband, Enrique Martí, CIMA®, is an investment consultant with over 14 years of financial experience. She and her family are involved in the community, giving her the background needed to help you find your perfect home.


Mariángel’s approach to conducting real estate ethics

In PR, brokers are not labeled as buyer's agent or seller's agent, especially when at times we are representing both sides. Mariángel’s work ethics are the fundamental pillars of her successful real estate business. Honesty, integrity, professionalism and understanding every client’s needs are Mariángel’s best characteristics.


Mariángel’s approach is to ALWAYS show the client (buyer) all the similar listings that are available in the market. As an independent licensed real estate broker, she can collaborate with all brokers and/or real estate agencies for both residential and commercial properties. This makes her stand out, because she always knows everything that’s available in the market. If she does not have it, she will find it for you! She has established a great network with the brokers in the area and almost all of her sales are in co-broke.


Mariángel provides both buyers and sellers with a list of recent comparable sales. She believes it is key to always keep her clients informed of market prices and sales trends. This definitely aids throughout the negotiating process so that both buyers and sellers get the most out of their investment.


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